Welcome to the Lou Vincent service information page. We are highly experienced providers of all types of coatings problem solving activities. Our goal is to use our experience to keep you from having to live through the nightmare of coatings failures, however large or small and wherever they are located. Here are some examples.

Creating Detailed Coating Specifications

All coating specifications need to be “site specific”. A common cause of coatings failures is the use of specifications from one job site to another without taking into consideration the differences in the service environment.  Every large industrial, offshore, or marine site has several “micro environments”, rather than one uniform “macro environment”. All of the factors such as temperature, pressure, chemical exposure, etc. must be evaluated individually so that the proper coating system can be chosen for that specific environment.

We use our painting contractor experience to bring a practical hands-on approach to writing detailed project painting specifications. Coating manufacturers cannot possibly envision all the sites, environments, application conditions on their data sheets. Therefore much of the information they provide, while reasonably accurate, can result in job site problems if it is not interpreted in view of the actual site conditions under which the coatings will be applied and aggressiveness of the service environment over an extended period of years.

We have created lengthy, inclusive coatings specifications for chemical plants, refineries, offshore platforms, ships, barges, docks, FPSO’s, FSO’s, jack-up drilling rigs, semi-submersible drilling rigs, drillships, land drilling rigs and both steel and concrete bridges.

We have created complete painting manuals for use by offshore rig personnel in their daily maintenance activities as well as for their project managers during drydocking and major repair activities.

Excellent Deck Painting

Selecting Truly Comparative Products for Specific Projects

Just because two products are generically the same, have the same volume solids, have the same recommended application parameters, etc. does not mean that they are truly comparative. We use our product development and testing experience combined with nationally known laboratories to create tests that make sure the products that are chosen for the specification are equal in performance, rather than lowest in price.

Conducting Pre-Job Conferences

Many a problem with coating work has been averted by having all the major participants selected for a particular job attend a pre-job conference at least two weeks prior to start-up of actual work.  Not everyone reads the same document and gets the same interpretation.  Mis-interpretation can lead to expensive downtime, arguments and legal consequences, not to mention safety problems.

With our in-depth technical competence and our practical contracting experience, we can avoid these headaches for you by leading the participants through every phase of the specification, making sure it is understood, answering questions, fielding requests for alternative coatings and/or procedures, etc. Our goal is to have everyone leave the pre-job conference with a complete understanding of each others duties and responsibilities..

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Providing On-site Coating Inspectors

Despite the best intentions and efforts of contractors and project managers, problems do occur due to a combination of inexperience on the part of the participants and due to lack of necessary skills of the work force. We provide NACE Certified Coating Inspectors to job sites on a global basis. Their job is to enforce the specification in a diplomatic manner to ensure that the owner gets what is called for in the specification, no more, no less.

Failure Analysis

When tragedy strikes, you need to know why.  You need to protect yourself from hidden costs. You need to recover from the party that caused the problem in the first place. Do not be misled by the common statement “75% or more of coating failures are caused by surface preparation and application errors”.  Research into over 300 coating failures by two leading coating consultants has revealed that the general causes of coating failures can be categorized into the following sources:

    • Defective coating – Rarely does this exceed 3% of all coating failures
    • Specification errors – Can be as high as 46% of coating failures
    • Owner errors – Can between as high as 25% of coating failures
    • Direct Contractor errors –Typically are between 25 & 65 % of all coating failures
    • Change of environment from original design specification up to 11% of all coating failures
    • Ineffective Inspection – usually less than 7% of all coating failures

Rust Carbuncles

Ballast Tank Corrosion

We provide onsite investigations, collect appropriate samples, conduct appropriate laboratory tests, and produce comprehensive analytical reports that are suitable for litigation purposes, if necessary.

Litigation Support - Expert Witness

If all else fails and you wind up having to resort to legal action to recover your losses, you need an experienced expert witness who understands the process and can give you impartial advice and in-depth discovery to strengthen your claim. We have successfully supported many multi-million dollar claims in the USA and Canada covering coatings jobs done in several international locations.

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