Books, Papers, & Specifications Published

· Author of The Protective Coatings User’s Handbook published by NACE International, February 2004.

· Author, “Failure Modes of Protective Coatings and Their Effect on Management,” Doctoral Thesis, 1998.

· Revision Author for Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings by C.G. Munger, NACE International’s most popular book.

· Author of complete coatings specifications for newbuildings of semi-submersible and jackup drilling rigs, FPSO’s for three major international companies.

· Author of revised protective coatings specifications for major global builder of semi-submersible, jack-up, drilling rigs and tension leg platforms. Provided application assistance and inspection.

· Author and presenter of Marine Shipyard Inspection Course for private clients in U.S.A. and Bahrain.

· Co-author for the upgrade of a National Highway Institute Bridge Painting Inspection Training Course.

· Author and presenter of Failure Analysis and Claims Settlement Course for a major international paint and coatings manufacturer.

· Published more than 80 articles on protective coatings in leading trade journals such as Materials Performance, Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings, and Maritime Reporter.

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